Are Raspberry Ketone Supplements The Solution To Your Weight Issues?

raspberry ketoneMany people are turning to weight loss pills to provide the solution for their weight related problems. One such popular product is the raspberry ketone supplements.

Raspberry ketone has over the years been seen as having qualities that assist in loss of weight.

It is a chemical component mostly found in raspberries. Smaller quantities of this chemical can be found in cranberries and blackberries.

This chemical is not only contained in weight loss products, but can also be found in processed foods to add flavor and a sweet smell.

Tests have been conducted on clinical animals and the results have shown that raspberry ketone can speed up metabolism and reduce body fat.

In as much as raspberry ketone supplements are in the market worldwide, this product was banned in the UK in 2003. The reason was that it did not meet the requirements by law and numerous safety concerns were raised.

Is there any clinical evidence supporting the weight loss claim?

In the year 2004 a test was done. In that test several mice were kept on a diet having lots of fat with raspberry ketone for about six weeks. This was followed by another five weeks of the same diet but with an increase in the quantity of raspberry ketone.

The results sparked a lot of interest, as they showed that the raspberry ketone was able to prevent weight gain that would otherwise have been caused by the large intake of fat.

Other tests carried out suggested that raspberry ketone also had the ability to speed up the breaking of fats by causing an increase in the adiponectin hormone.

What are the experts saying about it?

Some health nutritionists have been known to come out clear, advising their clients against the use of raspberry ketone supplements.

They say that as much as raspberry ketones occur naturally in raspberries; the supplements are not purely extracted from the fruits but manufactured. The process of extracting the raspberry ketones from the fruit is costly and time consuming.

Another reason is that the results people are excited about came from tests conducted on animals and it is not clear whether the same effect will be replicated in humans.

Experts say there has never been an easier way to shed of those pounds. These supplements make you believe that the weight will in a way just disappear. The best you can do is getting plenty of exercise. This not only gives you that healthy weight but, muscle tone and mind as well.

Does it mean raspberry ketone supplements are dangerous?

Raspberry ketone contains a substance known as dinitrophenol (DNP). This substance can make your metabolism rate be at an all time high. This can lead to feeling of nausea, dizziness that could eventually lead to a deadly heart attack.

Raspberry Ketone will have to go through a lot of screening before it can be welcomed in to the market as a safe weight loss supplement.

Would you consider trying out the raspberry ketones? That is food for thought.